Shaped / Sloping Windows

Shaped / Sloping Windows

The most commonplace requirement for sloping Vertical Blinds is in the application of the end window within a traditional lean-to conservatory. On occasion, this end of the conservatory is constructed from solid brick, requiring only decoration, however, where it has been constructed from glass, there will clearly be the requirement to create a degree of privacy, and by using a Sloping Vertical Blind in this instance, we can ensure that the privacy offered is fully adjustable, to the effect that you will be able to see out, but your neighbours will not be able to see in. Where the slope of the roof is relatively shallow, we can attach the slats to the travellers in the normal way, and both the tilt and draw operation is controlled in the usual manner, with the slats drawing back to the higher end of the room. Where we encounter a much steeper slope, we will use our slat length calculation method that incorporates the integration of a drop-spacer that still allows the slats to tilt through their full 180 degrees, whilst clearing the headrail mechanism once closed.

For unusual shape windows, we can supply Shaped Blinds using the type and style most practical and suited to that particular shape.  Aluminium Venetian Blinds can be made to fit triangular shapes, as can Pleated Blinds.

Another favourite is Timber Wooden Shutters, and Wooden Venetian Blinds, which can also be made to suit certain shapes.

In the first instance please send us a photo of your window, along with some approximate dimensions, so that we can advise you of the best solution and provide an estimate of cost.


  • Venetian or Pleated Blinds are best for shaped windows
  • Vertical Blinds are best for sloping windows
  • Wooden Blinds & Shutters can be made to suit certain shapes
  • Shaped Venetian Blinds work well with battery operated tilt only motors
  • Send us a photo by Email for an initial estimate of cost!