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Bespoke Blinds from Artistic Blinds. 

Artistic Blinds is a leading supplier of custom blinds for customers in the South West of England.

Alongside our extensive range of blinds, designed to suit any taste and budget, our custom blinds are made to your precise specifications.

Our bespoke blinds offer a unique and stylish touch to any home or office. From classic fabric roller blinds made using your chosen material, right through to luxury wooden Venetians with intricate detailing – the possibilities are endless.

Discover how Artistic Blinds can work with you to provide custom-made blinds based on your individual requirements.


Integrating Perfect Fit Blinds

Experienced Bespoke Blind Professionals

We offer custom-made Perfect Fit blinds designed specifically for uPVC windows and doors. These blinds fit seamlessly into the window frame without requiring any drilling or screws. They are an ideal solution for conservatories because of their perfect and integrated fit.

Perfect Fit blinds are available in various colours, from neutral tones to vibrant shades. This extensive colour selection means you can find the perfect match for any room's decorative scheme.





When you entrust Artistic Blinds with your fully personalised blind project, you do so with the confidence that we possess more than 40 years of experience in domestic and commercial blinds and awnings. Since 1979, our experts have delighted many people, just like you, by bringing dreams to reality.

No matter what size, shape or design you envisage for your bespoke blinds, we will work with you to create an individual look that will bring your vision to life. Our team will help you select the best materials and type of blinds for each room, taking into account style, budget and practicality.

Created With Quality & Attention To Detail

In everything we do, we emphasise one core principle: quality. So, when you choose us for your fully custom blinds project, we guarantee that the results will be nothing short of outstanding. We use the finest materials and components in our blinds to ensure durability and long-term satisfaction, whilst also accounting for your other requirements, such as style, design, size and affordability.

Safety is a non-negotiable aspect of our blinds' design. Each Perfect Fit blind possesses child-safety features, such as its tensioned system with reduced loops and cords. Thus, all our blinds comply with the UK's 'BS EN 13120 & A12014' child safety standards.

Contact Us Today

Artistic Blinds offers a unique and personalised blinds service that allows you to order custom-made blinds for your home. The process is simple and the benefits are numerous. You can get in touch with Artistic Blinds today to order your own bespoke blinds.

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