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Wetlook Canopies

The framework to the Wet-Look canopy is constructed from aluminium extrusion with a PVC tacking insert in exactly the same way as a retractable Dutch Blind. We then add aluminium stays vertically to the inside of the frame in order to brace it into a rigid, fixed structure, thus making the finished canopy non-retractable. The reason for this is that the shiny unsupported pure PVC fabric is heated up with a hot air gun and gently stretched over the rigid framework in order to give it  a smooth, tight, "wet-look" finish.


Because of the fabric's ability to stretch and adapt to a variety of shapes, we can create a huge variety of frame shapes using an aluminium extrusion bending machine. From a simple square back to radius corner, the classic shape Wet-Look canopy, perfectly adapted to suit most shopfront windows, where no other fabric will adapt to the back panel shape without creasing; to far more complex double radiused stepped curves which allow us to neatly take a walkway awning around a spiral staircase.

Probably the most popular shape of all, as illustrated, is the square-back eliptical eyelid style, being one of the most attractive and eye catching. These Wet-Look canopies are an extremely cost effective way of transforming your shopfront into a visually stunning work of art.


  • A few basic colours in the Wetlook range

  • Logo branding can be applied as adhesive vinyl lettering

  • Frames can be powdercoated

  • Waterproof - stops rain underneath

  • Various shapes possible

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