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Uniview fabrics effectively provide a harmonious balance between light control and visual transparency. With their innovative design, they diffuse sunlight, protecting your interiors from excessive light exposure and ensuring an open, natural feel while preserving a clear view outward.


Uniview fabrics are known for their remarkable durability. These fabrics are resiliently constructed to be washable, enabling routine cleaning while maintaining their aesthetic appeal and operational efficacy. The design also incorporates anti-fraying features, which ensure that the fabrics maintain their impeccable appearance even under regular use.


Safety is paramount with Uniview fabrics. They adhere to all fire safety regulations, providing an additional level of security for any setting. Various domestic and commercial applications are made possible by their adherence to safety standards.


Uniview fabrics also exemplify our commitment to health and safety. They are equipped with non-toxic properties and offer protection against UV radiation and bacterial proliferation. It highlights their adaptability to diverse settings, including educational and healthcare settings.


Here at Artistic Blinds in Bristol, we understand just how important it is to find the perfect fabric for your blinds. In addition to the Uniview fabric, we're thrilled to offer you a wide range of high-quality options. Our PaletteFR Dimout collections not only bring style to your space but also deliver functionality. If you're in need of a blackout solution, our Unilux PVC blackout fabrics for roller and vertical blinds are perfect for achieving excellent light control and ensuring your privacy. 

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