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PVC Blackout Roller Blinds

Unilux PVC blackout Rollers/Verticals

Discover the many benefits of the Unilux PVC blackout fabric. This premium product ensures complete darkness in your living spaces, promoting restful sleep and an optimal home theatre experience. Made from strong PVC material, it's brilliant at keeping the sunlight out and reducing noise, making it a top pick for bedrooms and living rooms.

Unilux PVC Blackout Blinds Colour Chart

The Unilux PVC blackout fabric can be used with both roller and vertical blinds, so it'll fit in perfectly with whatever style you've chosen for your home. Easy to install and adaptable, it'll instantly dress up any room, making it a key feature of modern home design


This unique product ensures not only privacy but also offers a touch of elegance to your living spaces. The robust and durable nature of the PVC fabric ensures a long lifespan, providing excellent value for your investment.


At Artistic Blinds, we take great pride in the diverse range of high-end fabrics specifically for blinds. You'll find both flair and function in our Uniview and PaletteFR Dimout collections.


If you're hunting for a definitive light-blocking solution, our Unilux PVC blackout options for roller and vertical blinds deliver exceptional privacy, alongside excellent control of light. Not to mention, we also stock the Banlight Blackout fabric, which is expertly crafted to provide a thorough blackout effect.


Choosing the perfect fabric for your blinds is crucial and we are here to help guide you. Why not get in touch today? We'd be delighted to help you navigate our wide range of choices, and even send out some samples for you.

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