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Special Brackets

Most Awnings can be installed to most buildings in a simple and straightforward manner, thus affording safety and stability, whilst allowing the correct pitch with adequate headway. However, on occasion, the design and detail of the building may not make this possible, and special brackets have to be fabricated in order to bridge between the correct positioning of the Awning and the adequate fixing points on the building.


There are three most common types of special bracket. We use spreader-plates to spread the load on a small installation bracket over a larger area when fixing to a poor quality wall or thin substrate such as, for example, the side of a commercial vehicle. Typically this might be 450mm x 300mm of powdercoated 10mm steel with ten fixing holes instead of two.

We use bungalow-brackets to ensure the Awning is as high as possible over a patio door, but as we cannot fix into the top few courses of bricks of a bungalow because of inadequate building strength, we need to secure our fixings lower down. Typically these may be 75mm x 750mm in size, similar in strength to a spreader-plate.

And we fabricate gallows-brackets to take the Awning away from the wall and up to a position above the roofline, in order to give adequate height and therefore sufficient fall over the projection. Typically these will be fabricated from powdercoated 80mm x 40mm box section steel, with reinforcing gussetts in the corners, to an average size of 900mm x 300mm x 450mm.

A 3m x 1.5m awning may only require two of any of these brackets, subject to the strength and design of the building; whereas a 7m x 3.5m awning may require as many as six. Our expert building surveyor will be able to give you all the advice you need, completely free of charge.


  • Bespoke shapes designed to suit your building and awning

  • Will be galvanised and powdercoated in a colour of your choice

  • Ensures correct and safe installation of awning

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