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Side Curtains & Support Poles

With Side Curtains your parasol changes into a pavilion in no time. All side curtains are made of high-quality Premium acrylic awning fabric or other speciality fabrics. There are different types of side curtains available.


Efficient advertising with interchangeable valances – this is unique! Only CARAVITA offers the option to change the valance by unzipping it. Attract your customers with exactly matching advertising messages.

Add even more stability to your parasol with support poles. Especially on windy days it is useful, to use support poles for the parasol for added strength, particularly if you only have a light base. For additional stability cross brackets can be combined with support poles.

With rain gutters several parasols can be connected. If it rains, the water drains alongside the rain gutters. The spaces between the parasols are leak proof. Especially for hospitality parasols rain gutters are a valuable option.


  • Side Curtains will enclose your parasol - add windows if required

  • Interchangable valances with zip fastening - perfect for leisure industry

  • Support poles if your parasol must be used on windy days!

  • Rain gutters will link your parasols together and keep your guests dry

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