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Security Shutters

A new concept in shutter design now makes it possible to have a strong high security shutter with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The double skinned aluminium profile with a hardened resin infill coupled with an anti vandal end-lock system completes the ultimate security roll shutter product.


The system can be operated from inside by rod crank winding handle, or powered by tubular electronic motor, both systems lock automatically when lowered.

Operation can also be achieved via a manual spring loaded system which can be locked with a key.

The small roll shutter box constructed from roll formed aluminium sheet, has special shaping to ensure stability throughout its length. With box sizes starting from 165mm x 165mm the roll shutter system automatically becomes aesthetically appealing whilst still retaining its high security benefits.

Domestic Security Shutters provide an excellent deterrent against burglary, theft and vandalism. They are lightweight but very strong, and very simple to operate. They are generally installed outside of the window recess to the exterior of the property, with operation then being either by way of a gearbox with detachable crank handle from the outside, tape-pull attached to a spring box fitted on the inside wall, or a simple remote control electric motor.

Domestic Shutters not only provide excellent security however. Because the lightweight aluminium slats are filled with high-density foam, they also provide an excellent form of insulation, with significantly better properties than those of double glazing, and also, because of the nature of this construction, Domestic Shutters have exceptional sound proofing qualities. And furthermore, these Domestic Shutters don't have to be just open or closed. In between each foam-filled slat is a channel fitted with a row of perforated holes, making it possible to pull all of the slats apart in order to be able to see out through the shutter, but still forming that all-important security barrier.

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