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Roof / Conservatory WGM

Weinor German quality engineering yet again! They do say that the best way to keep a conservatory cool during the summer is to stop the sun from getting to the glass in the first place. Once the sun's rays have penetrated through the glass roof, the heat increase within the internal airflow has already been generated. Interior blinds can therefore only help to reduce this effect to some degree. There is no better way, however, to protect your entire conservatory from all of the elements, and particularly that glaring sun, than with the installation of a top of the range Weinor WGM Roof Awning.


Using an all round cord tensioning system in conjunction with the side channels and integral travelling rail in order to keep the fabric perfectly taut in both width and cut, this awning is available in one unit at up to a massive 36 square meters. And such is the strength and quality of the Weinor WGM Roof Awning that there is no need for installation brackets to be attached to the wall at the back of the conservatory. Providing adequate roof support brackets can be installed for the side channels, the awning cassette can be located on to the top of the side channel at each end, making it effectively a side-fix awning only, although a centre support bracket is advised for the largest of widths.

Remote control electric operation only with fully automatic limit setting positions and Weinor's fabulous full two year product warranty.


  • Installed on the roof

  • WGM 2020 Model: Special Radius awning

  • 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to choose from

  • Electric remote operation only

  • Exterior shading solution for various roof shapes

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