Find a suitable base for every parasol. Caravita offers a wide range of different models in many different colours and shapes for any intended use.

Ground sleeves are parasol bases set into a concrete footing. Depending on the character of the ground, sleeves with different lenghts are used. The upper part of the ground sleeve can be removed. The remaining part is even with the ground.

Once you have selected the perfect Parasol model for you, we will be able to discuss the most suitable ground base, or concrete ground collar, for your requirements.

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Key Features

  • Wide range of bases, permanent or mobile.
  • Some bases are available with wheels for mobility.
  • Concrete slabs will weigh down even the largest Parasols.
  • Bases can be galvanised and powdercoated.
  • Ground collars are available for Parasols with electrical accessories.

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