Pergola Shading

Pergola Shading

Wintergarden Awnings are used extensively throughout the Mediterranean countries as an excellent and decorative form of sun protection. These attractive retractable awnings are essentially a soft furnishing that is constructed from a loose draped fabric attached at regular intervals via eyelets with tensioned steel cables fed through them. Operation is usually by way of a simple manual cord with cleat, or a rope and pulley system if preferred.

In hotter countries, such as Spain, Italy and Greece, where the weather is much kinder during the summer months, these Wintergarden Awnings adorn many street cafe's, bars and restaurants. In the UK however, because of our significantly wetter climate, their use is restricted more to garden pergolas as a summer shading solution.

We have perfected an outdoor version of our Wintergarden Awning, utilising stainless-steel tension cables as the main supports, however, as the draped fabric remains horizontal when extended, there is a huge and potentially dangerous tendency for the Awning to collect large quantities of rainwater. To alleviate this problem, we install stainless-steel drainage eyelets at regular intervals at the centres of every fabric drape. This then enables our exterior Wintergarden Awning to be used on the underside of a traditional garden pergola, thus creating an ideal external sunshade. Because we have created adequate water drainage, the potential is now there to cover exceptionally large areas, however, quite clearly these Awnings are only suitable specifically for sun protection purposes only. For this reason we also recommend solely the use of our extensive range of lightweight acrylic cloth for the construction of your Wintergarden Awning, which is ideal for outdoor use.

Alternatively, as a lower cost and practical option, we can manufacture a very simple Pergola Shade Sail as shown in the image below. This is made from the same Teflon coated acrylic fabric, to the size you require, with eyelets in each corner and one in the centre, for hanging up on to some hooks. The benefit of this Sail is that it can be removed and stored away in the Winter when not in use. It also looks very effective.

EXAMPLE COST - based on 2m x 2m pergola – including 2 x steel cables, solid front rail and rope pull, with drainage eyelets inserted. High quality premium Teflon coated exterior acrylic cloth – in the region of £995.00 including delivery and VAT (for self installation).

We offer a survey and installation service at an extra cost, depending on your location and distance from our factory base in Bristol.


  • Wide range of Para arylic fabric colours.
  • Bespoke design to suit your individual pergola.
  • Wintergarden system can be retractable with pulley system if necessary.
  • Simple Pergola Sails are a low cost effective shading solution.