Logo Branding / Signwriting

Logo Branding / Signwriting

Because the majority of our awnings are one-offs, and the fabrics that we use are both seamed and textured, and the overall print areas very often tend to be relatively large, it rarely proves practical therefore to apply artwork using modern printing techniques. For this reason we employ the services of a traditional signwriter, an artist who is trained and experienced in the long-practiced methods of precisely copying artwork and applying it by eye.

Our signwriter has a special and unique talent that will always provide by far the best quality and correctly applied finish of any colour or design of artwork applied to all of our Awning styles. We are experienced in the reproduction of full colour images, which we can have digitally printed on to wider widths of lacquered PVC fabrics, and from which we can then fabricate our Awning cover.

And on non-porous surfaces, such as glass, and our pure PVC Wet-Look Canopies, we still apply computer-cut vinyl graphics.

However, when it comes to applying an oil-based acrylic painted logo onto the Teflon-coated acrylic fabric of one of our beautiful awnings, then we much prefer to employ the skills of our expert signwriter.


  • Traditionally hand painted
  • Long lasting, weather and UV resistant - logo doesn't quickly fade
  • Large logos can be applied to entire awning covers
  • Digital printing option also available (conditional)
  • High quality finish