Exterior Rollers/Drop Screen

Exterior Rollers/Drop Screen

The perfect solution to enclose your outdoor area.  Our Exterior Roller Blinds are made using the Sunkut system - exterior grade rollers which are then covered in your choice of weatherproof acrylic fabric, or reinforced PVC material, in a wide range of colours.

These Blinds can be made to fit around the sides of your pergola, to outbuildings, or in front of opening/doorways.  The fabric can have clear windows welded, along with eyelets and your chosen positions to ensure they are tied in position.

For additional protection from the outdoor weather.

Either manual crank handle gearbox operation, or mains powered electric remote control.

These Blinds can have Clear PVC Windows inserted, with each window being a maximum of 1.5m x 1.3m (in either direction). The size of these windows have been restricted to ensure there are no quality issues with welding seams in the material, or warping with any temperature changes. For extra wide Blinds, it is however possible to have more than one window inserted, providing there is a minimum 200mm gap of solid fabric between them.


  • Enclose your outdoor space / pergola / create an outdoor room
  • Extra protection from wind and rain - assists with warmth
  • Wide range of colours - can have clear windows if required
  • Manual winding handle or electric remote control operation
  • Various rollers to suit your dimensions