Digital / Picture / Photo / Printed

Digital / Picture / Photo / Printed

Since the advent of modern digital printing techniques, we no longer have to rely simply on selecting a fabric from a limited range offered within the pattern book from any of the usual suppliers and distributors.

Taking a range of suitable base substrates from which to manufacture the finished product, we can now digitally reproduce virtually any image onto your Roller Blind.

Using this method, it is possible to transform the worst possible view imaginable into the appearance of being in paradise. We can create blinds that can be pulled down during the day to create a night-time image of a New York skyline, or we can create blinds for pulling down at night depicting an early Carribean sunrise.

You capture the image and we'll turn it into a virtual view through your window. From imagination, through the Artistic Blinds house of inspiration, to become your practical reality.


  • Print quality is best on white fabrics
  • Standard polycotton or blackout PVC fabric
  • Standard Roller Blind chain operation
  • High resolution digital image required
  • Print quality is excellent