Our Venetian Blinds are a timeless classic.  Smart, slimline and contemporary - these Blinds offer a really practical solution for all styles of window.

We use only the highest quality 18 micron thick aluminium slatting, which is available in the widest range of colours, including matt finish, metallic, textured, or soft tone.  They are all made with colour co-ordinated top and bottom rails, and ladder braid.  The most popular choice of slat width is 25mm (1"), however it is also possible to have 15mm micro slats, or the larger options of 35/50mm.

Venetian Blinds allow you to adjust lighting levels instantly by simply altering the angle of the slat, to suit your requirements.

For even more luxury or practicality, we can motorise your Venetian Blind with the option of either battery operated, or mains powered motors, complete with remote control handset.

For Partition Glazing - these tilt-only Venetian Blinds, operated by way of a simple knob-control that turns a Bowden cable attached to the tilt shaft within the headrail, are made-to-measure quickly and efficiently, with proven consistency.  We pride ourselves on our client portfolio, as well as our efficiency and attention to detail.  The beauty of installing a Venetian Blind between two panes of glass is firstly, that with the simple twist of a knob, you can create complete privacy within a fully glazed meeting room, and secondly, by sealing the blind between two panes of glass, you create a dust-free environment within which the blind never needs to be cleaned.

Lastly, the Venetian Blind is an ideal solution for unusual shaped windows.  The headrails can be curved or angled to suit, with slats still offering a tilt & turn option for light control.