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To MANIFEST is to SHOW or to MAKE VISIBLE. Full height glazing, whether it be interior office partitioning or shop-front and building entrance doors and windows, can easily be mistaken for clear access, and consequently accidents can occur in a situation where the installation of glass may not be immediately apparent.


So we apply what we term as manifestation to the glass to make it obvious that the glass is there. Generally a frosted glass effect stick-on transfer detail is adequate to stop members of the public, who may be genuinely distracted, from walking in to a full height pane of clear glass. To DDA regulations this will simply be two rows of 50mm dots at 150mm centres, one at 900mm from floor level and one at 1500mm. However, in order to create a degree of privacy and incorporate a level of modesty screening, why not introduce your corporate logo to the design and create a complete office ethos into your unique working environment.

We can design, reproduce and install an endless range of ideas in plain, coloured or prismatic etched vinyls.


  • Effectively customise windows & glass partitions

  • Comply with DDA Regulations

  • Frosted bands and dots available

  • Decorative and logo branded films

  • A touch of avant-garde to your glazing.

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