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Lightweight Primus

Simple, lightweight, mobile!


Primus impresses with its rapid handling and no fuss, classic pulley system. The portable parasol is easily set up or dismantled. Just take it with you, when you move to another comfortable place in your garden, patio or at the pool. Primus is the perfect impromptu sunshade for events, restaurant terraces or at home. The solid aluminium construction makes the Primus parasol a reliable shade solution on hot summer days.


Classic pulley system

As Primus Classic, the portable parasol is equipped with a pulley integrated into the plastic hub. Primus Plus is equipped with a comfortable high grade stainless steel pulley.

The Hub – The Heart of every Parasol

The central hub is the core of every parasol. It’s also the component exposed to the greatest loads as all of the struts of the sunshade converge at this location. Primus Classic is equipped with highly resilient and UV-stabilized plastic hubs. They are white or dark grey, depending on the colour of the frame. The Primus Plus parasol comes with hubs made of massive aluminium with a powder coating finish matching the colour of the frame.


  • Square shape - minimum 2x2m - maximum 4x4m

  • Rectangular shape - min 2x3m - max 3.5 x 4.5m

  • Octagonal - min 2m round - max 5.5m round (diameter)

  • Variety of ground bases

  • Many RAL frame and fabric colour options

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