Artistic Blinds & Awnings

A Closer Look at How We Make Our Awnings

Make your business stand out with our custom-made awnings. We manufacture and install high-quality awnings that perfectly match your brand colours and display your logo, making sure people notice your business anytime they pass by.

How We Do It

Our Process

We start with selecting durable, weather-resistant fabrics from suppliers we trust. Our team measures and cuts the fabric just right and meticulously stitches the pieces together, reinforcing seams for durability and a professional look.

Simultaneously, we work on constructing the frame. Using high-quality, rust-resistant materials, we create a framework that is both lightweight and strong. This way, the awning stays in great shape and works perfectly, year after year.

Custom Logo Branding

For businesses wanting to showcase their brand, we offer custom logo applications. Our designers prepare a digital mock-up for your approval. We then apply your logo using advanced techniques, followed by a weatherproof sealant to keep the colours vibrant and the logo sharp under all weather conditions.

Final Assembly

The final step is to stretch the fabric over the frame and fasten it with high-quality fasteners. Depending on the design, a motor may also be added before installation.

From start to finish, we make sure everything is done right. We pay attention to every detail and are dedicated to creating high-quality awnings. Before sending your awning out for installation, we thoroughly check it to make sure it’s perfect.

Choose Artistic Blinds & Awnings for custom awnings that not only protect your business but also effectively promote your brand.