Fresh Looks for Weirdfish and Limes Hairdressers

We recently teamed up with Weirdfish and Limes Hairdressers to refresh the front of their shops. The idea was simple: to create Canopies and awnings that offer shade while also adding a wow factor.

Weirdfish: New Dutch Canopies

Post-renovation, Weirdfish had a freshly painted shopfront but something was missing. The storefront needed an element that whispered modernity but shouted tradition.

Enter our Dutch Canopies

With a design that is both sophisticated and warm, we wanted to create an environment that welcomes shoppers. Beyond aesthetics, these Canopies provided protection against unpredictable British weather conditions.

The Result

Now, the Weirdfish shopfront isn’t just another store on the street – it’s a visual treat with a unique blend of old-world charm and modern design.

Limes Hairdressers: Where Timber Meets Trend

Limes Hairdressers is more than a place to get a trim; it’s a trend-setting hub. They needed their exterior to display the same sense of style and flair that they offer inside the salon.

What We Did

Enter timber box awnings. We took this timeless design, added a dash of Limes’ vibrant branding on the fabric, and created a chic, eye-catching storefront that looks as stylish as the haircuts they provide.

Whether you are looking for functional or visually appealing blinds or awnings for your shopfront, Artistic Blinds is here to help. We would be happy to provide you with a consultation tailored to meet your needs.

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