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French Canopy

French Canopies have been popular in the UK now for over twenty years and provide a more modern and classy look to a shopfront than the traditional Dutch Blind or Wet-Look Canopy.


They are constructed from powdercoated or anodised aluminium extrusion in a similar way to a Dutch Blind, utilising a lateral front and back frame, but substituting the intermediate frames with vertical bars, hence making this fixed triangular framework a non-retractable canopy.

For a Dutch Blind to retract correctly, the projection needs to be the same as the height, e.g. as in a perfect quarter-circle, or "pram hood". However, because French Awnings are non-retractable, we can create a significantly greater projection than the height, therefore enabling a greater degree of sun protection to a shopfront that may only have a limited height.

This makes French Awnings most practical for installing below the fascia sign, and they can be made either with or without the fixed sign-box section at the bottom, which is custom built to height specifically to take the signwriting detail in order to promote your image in a bold and stylish manner.


  • Very attractive and popular shape/design

  • Frame can be powder coated

  • Wide range of acrylic fabrics or PVC colours to choose from

  • Logo branding can be applied to the cover or signbox

  • Fixed frame (non retractable) up to 6 metres wide

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