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Durable, eco-friendly, and providing a layer of sound insulation, Timber Wooden Shutters are both a practical and beautiful investment in the comfort and aesthetic of your home. They provide superior light control, privacy, and ventilation—let you adjust the slats to your desired position, regulating the amount of natural light that enters the room while maintaining privacy. Additionally, wooden shutters offer natural insulation properties. The wood acts as an effective barrier against heat during the summer and retains warmth in the winter, contributing to overall energy efficiency in your home.

Our range of wooden blinds

Horizontal Wooden/Woodslat Venetian Blinds are becoming increasingly more popular these days for discerning clients wanting to create that more luxurious atmosphere within a modern or classic environment.

Our Woodslats are manufactured from sustainably sourced, pressure treated, far eastern Basswood, which enables the slats to remain straight and stable at widths of up to 2.4m wide, even with a maximum drop of 2.4m.

We use four colour ranges for our woodslat blinds, from a limited range of twelve standard colours for our most popular and cost effective Sunwood Blind, to a more significantly enhanced colour range which includes Farrow and Ball paint colour matches, as well as an array of special finishes, for our more expensive Timberlux blind – the difference in quality and the feel of luxury is well worth the extra money, as well as the wait.

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