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The perfect choice for Sun Rooms and Conservatories.

Probably the simplest way of describing a Pleated Blind is that it is essentially, in appearance, a cross between a Roller Blind and a Venetian Blind. The fabric used is a Polyester material that starts life similar to a plain flat Roller Blind fabric but is then folded concertina-like into a regular series of pleats.  The biggest advantage of this particular type of Blind system is that the cords running through the fabric enable us to create the perfect tension system that make Pleated Blinds the ideal and most popular choice for the sloping blinds in the roof of conservatories. And the simple Freehanging Blind, operated by utilising a standard cord-lock, is therefore the ideal compliment to this for the vertical perimeter windows within the same room.

About pleated blinds

Characterised by their neatly folded pleats, these blinds add texture and depth to any space, while their slim profile makes them an excellent choice for both windows and doors.

Available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and opacities, Pleated Blinds can fit

Pleated Blinds look great in any room setting and can be dressed with colourful fabrics to help control heat in summer and retain heat in winter.

These Blinds can be motorised for practical and easy operation, and are also ideal for use with Perfect Fit frames.

  • Perfect for Conservatories (roof & sides).

  • Huge range of colours and textures.

  • Blackout and heat/light reflective SPC fabrics available.

  • Can be shaped for unusual windows.

  • Automated motorisation available with remote control.

into any interior design scheme, from the traditional to the contemporary. They provide versatile light control options—allowing for a soft diffusion of natural light while maintaining privacy.

Additionally, certain pleated blinds come with thermal properties, offering not only shade and privacy but also improved energy efficiency.

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