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Panel Blinds "Panel Glide"

Panel Blinds are a versatile, contemporary way to control light, glare, view and privacy in domestic and commercial installations.

The Panel Blind provides an innovative shading solution for larger windows and patio doors that looks fabulous in both contemporary and traditional settings.

About panel glide panel blinds

Panel Blinds are modern solutions for expansive window areas, sliding doors, or room dividers. They consist of large fabric panels that slide effortlessly along a track, providing easy and efficient control over sunlight and privacy. The panels glide smoothly to the side when opening, stacking neatly for maximum window exposure and easy access. Available in a multitude of colours, patterns, and fabric types, they can cohesively blend or stand out as a feature in your interior design.

It also looks stunning as a room divider that can be used to great effect in creating new living spaces within a modern home.

When open, the panels stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light to enter the room. Sliding the blind into the closed position creates a unique fabric screen that provides light control and privacy.
Contemporary designs for domestic and commercial environments

  • Mutliple uses, as a window blind or a fashionable room divider

  • Ideal for larger windows and patio doors

  • Stunning fabric designs and colours

  • Mix and match fabrics and colours for maximum effect

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