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Full Cassette Blackout Blinds Bristol

Providing 100% blackout and light exclusion.  Perfect for Bedrooms, Dark Rooms, Science Labs, Cinema Rooms, Projector Screen Rooms, or anywhere complete darkness is required!

The essential reason for housing a Roller Blind within a cassette is two fold. Firstly, the head box provides a neat and aesthetic housing for the fabric and mechanism of the blind, and can be powdercoated in a finish to match that of the window frames, such that when the blind is pulled up it then becomes virtually invisible.

Our range of full cassette blackout blinds

Full Cassette Blackout Blinds offer exceptional light-blocking capabilities, ideal for environments where darkness is essential. The ‘full cassette’ feature refers to a housing that encases the rolled-up blind, providing an unobtrusive finish when the blind is not in use. These blinds are designed to prevent light from entering through the sides or the top of the window, ensuring maximum darkness when desired. They come in various colours and fabrics to match any room’s décor while offering functionality.

The second is a more practical reason, and particularly suited to windows within schools, hospitals and commercial applications. The reason for this is the introduction of the side channels. These channels fit neatly to the underside of the cassette and run down the window to the sill, locating the bottom rail of the blind into position as it travels up and down. As one can imagine with a freehanging roller blind, if the blind is pulled down whilst the window is left open, there is potential for damage to occur with the blind blowing around in the wind. With the introduction of the side channels, both the bottom rail, and the fabric, by way of some very clever little stud fixings within the edges of the cover at regular intervals, are trapped within the neatly profiled side channel, thus making it possible to safely leave the windows partially open whilst having the blinds partially down. This means that in a typical classroom environment, both adequate light exclusion and ventilation can be provided at the same time.


  • Manual crank handle or electric remote operation

  • Blackout fabrics in a wide range of colour choices

  • Provides 100% blackout light exclusion

  • Can be used in rooflight windows also

  • Variety of model options depending on the application and size

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