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Made-to-measure picture blinds are a unique and creative way to add some personality to your windows. These blinds can be custom-made to fit any size window, and they are printed with a high-resolution image of your choice. This image can be anything from a photograph of your favourite place to a piece of art that you love. Made-to-measure picture blinds can be made with a variety of materials, including roller, vertical, and Venetian blinds.

Since the advent of modern digital printing techniques, we no longer have to rely simply on selecting a fabric from a limited range offered within the pattern book from any of the usual suppliers and distributors.

Custom image printed blinds

Our photo Printed Blinds transform your favourite images into functional art for your windows. These custom blinds let you print any digital photo, picture, or design on your blinds, allowing you to truly personalise your window treatments. Whether it’s a family photo, a landscape, or an abstract design the possibilities for customisation are practically endless. They offer an excellent way to express personal style while adding a unique character to your living or working space.

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