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There are literally thousands of ranges of fabrics available from which to choose your Domestic Curtains, which is why most of the time we make Curtains using customer’s own fabrics that they have sourced themselves elsewhere.

Curtains and curtain accessories

Curtain Tracks & Poles are integral for setting up and managing curtains in a way that works best for your space and personal preferences. They support the curtains in place, allowing for smooth and easy movement across the window. We offer tracks and poles in a wide variety of styles and materials, from metal designs to wooden options, allowing you to match them with your room’s aesthetic.

However, we do also offer our own range of soft fabrics, which contains a beautiful selection of plains, patterns and textured fabrics at a realistic price.

We have the expertise and experience to work with all types of fabrics, from Voiles to Velours, making quality curtains of all shapes and sizes, with every type of finishing you may require, from pelmets or valances, to pole drapes or the more modern and popular eyelet headings. We can use self-lined fabrics from our ranges to produce quality furnishings to blackout standard, or alternatively, you could select your own fabric from a quality retail outlet, such as John Lewis, and allow us to use our own linings and headings, combined with our curtain-making skills, to produce and install for you your perfect set of coordinated interior soft furnishings. Whatever your requirements, talk to the experts first – we’re here to provide honest and genuine advice.

TRACKS/POLES Рfrom traditional wooden poles to modern decorative finial metal finish poles Рwith eyelet top, cord operation, or manual pull Рwe are able to supply an option to suit your taste.

View our page on Curtain Poles and contact us to discuss your requirements – we source a huge variety of poles from many factories – and can always find what you are looking for.


  • Can be made using your own fabric

  • Standard, thermal or blackout lining available

  • Beautiful when matched with other soft furnishings such as Roman Blinds & Cushions

  • High quality bespoke option at a reasonable price

  • Window dressing for extra warmth in the home

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Domestic Curtains can make a big difference to your business. At Artistic Blinds in Bristol, we take care of companies throughout the UK with a fantastic range of interior and exterior blinds. To arrange a quote on installation, get in touch today.