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The Weinor Topas awning is essentially Weinor’s basic entry-level model. An enormously popular but very simple square-bar system, available made-to-measure to the normal width and projection sizes, either with or without a matching colour aluminium top profile.

About Topas non cassette awnings

Unpretentious, versatile, and efficient, the Topas Non-Cassette Awnings will improve and add convenience to your outdoor space.These awnings cater to a variety of widths due to their flexible construction. They’re easy to install and provide ample shade, making them an excellent choice for those wanting a simple, yet practical, solution for sun protection.

Because the Topas Awning is a non-cassette system, there are no space restrictions to inhibit the addition of mechanical modifications. This has enabled Weinor to devise the ingenious Minimax Crossover option for certain special situations. There are sometimes occasions when the required projection of an awning may be greater than it’s available width.

Utilising a very clever step-down bracket to attach one of the folding arms to at the back and front of the awning, this allows the elbows of the folding arms to overlap each other when the awning is retracted. This step-down bracket increases the overall height of the Topas awning system by 150mm, but the nett effect is that we are now able to achieve the maximum available projection of 4000mm with an awning that has a width of just 2500mm.

Typical Weinor ingenuity, thoughtful, yet simple, whilst still being cost effective. No other awning system offers such a high quality version of this most clever practical adaptation.


  • As an open awning, the Topas is suitable for almost all installations.

  • Max. width x projection: 12 m x 4 m

  • 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to choose from.

  • Perfect for both domestic & commercial installations.

  • High on quality – low on budget.

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