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Classic Drop Arm System

The Drop-Arm Awning is another timeless winner. Think of this Awning as a more modern and slimline aluminium version of the Traditional Shop Blind. When you find yourself limited for fixing position options, end-fix only brackets support the same 70mm roller tube used in the Arezzo Foldaway Awning, allowing a good range of widths available, and the Drop Arm also uses the same slim but robust front profile, however the fixed projecting arms are hinged to the wall at the base of the vertical plane, and any amount of these can be used to support the width of the front rail.

Our drop arm system range

Drop-Arm Awnings are like an updated, modern version of old-style shop blinds. They’re great for places with limited mounting space because they only need end-fixed brackets. Using a robust 70mm roller tube, they fit a variety of widths. The front profile is slim yet strong, and the hinged arms attached to the wall allow for flexible positioning. These awnings give you plenty of control over your shading solution, while doing an excellent job of blocking the sun.

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