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Conservatory Options

For the sides of your Conservatory you can have pretty much any style of Blind you like - what ever takes your fancy.  We can offer Roller, Vertical and Pleated fabrics with SPC coatings to help reflect light and heat, providing greater shade and keeping cooler in the hot summer months.


The most practical solution for the roof of your Conservatory is Pleated Blinds, or the Perfect Fit system (which requires no drilling or screwing into frames).

There is also an alternative for the roof.  Roofdrapes are a unique bespoke solution designed individually, particularly suited to larger conservatories with high pitched roofs. We can use virtually any type of fabric to achieve stunning visual effects that will also give you the feeling of warmth and comfort at night instead of just sitting under an acre of cold black glass. If the fabric is ruched to cover the whole roof, it will keep a significant amount of heat into the room at night or in the winter, or if you use a south-facing conservatory during the day, then why not just cover the aspects that pose a  problem with glare. We can tailor-make any roofdrape solution using Awning fabric, curtain fabric, curtain lining or even your own fabric. The only thing we would recommend within a commercial environment is that we use a fabric that is flame retardant to Class M2 standard.


  • Perfect Fit system is popular and practical

  • Majority of styles suitable for sides

  • Roof can have Pleated Blinds or Drapes

  • SPC fabrics and damp-proof fabrics available

  • Conserve heat & energy; maintain shade and temperature

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