Company Contacts

Michelle Rogers

Managing Director Daughter and Managing Director since 2004 – Michelle is a mother of two and holds the reins of the Company, along with the support of her tremendous team.

John Reason

Founder Grandfather and original founder of the Company – working in this industry all over the UK since the 1950s – John is an encyclopedia of knowledge! Finally retired at the age of 91 but popping in occasionally to say Hi.

Chris Reason

Retired Partner Father and Co-Founder of the Company in 1979 – Chris is now pretty much retired and enjoying the sunshine (rather than shading it) after all these years. His Mambo Shirt collection is awesome.

John Hines

Sales & Contracts Manager A valuable member of both the company team, and the family, John has been visiting our customers since the mid 1990’s and has therefore met 99% of the UK population. Never a dull moment with Jines.

David Pring

Office Manager Dave has been an integral part of the family business since 2001, there’s not much he doesn’t know about Blinds, but he also enjoys a spot of fishing and can make a wicked roast dinner.

Tara Fletcher

Accounts & Finance Tara has been working for us for over a decade, and is the strictest accounts lady you will ever meet. All bills must be paid on time where Tara’s concerned. But with that aside, they say nice things come in small packages, and in this case we can certainly agree.

Emma Venn

Office PA Holding the fort and efficiently supporting the senior members of the Company, we would all be lost without Emma. She’s partial to a glass of wine and has the world’s largest collection of shoes at home, but this has nothing to do with her excellence for customer service. Everyone needs an Emma!

Charlotte Hines

Business Development Manager Highly talented and with a background in prestige cars, we all know how Charlotte loves to drive. So here she is, now driving forward the ever developing needs of the company in an ever changing world, ensuring customer service & satisfaction is the paramount goal.

Factory & Installation Teams

There are too many of us to be mentioned on this page, but those of you who use our Company regularly will recognise our names and faces.