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Paravento Awnings

The Paravento is a versatile side awning that can transform any outdoor area, from cafes and restaurants to hotels. Easily installed on any wall or patio, you can position it to best suit your layout and needs, creating a more welcoming and comfortable space for your customers.

Technica Features of Paravento Awnings

Customisable Design to Match Your Brand

You have a broad selection of customisation options with the Paravento. From various fabric styles—solid colours, and patterns, to special materials that filter light or allow airflow. And with various frame colours available, you can create a cohesive look that complements your exterior decor. 

Operating the Paravento is simple – smoothly extend or retract it as needed. Removing and storing it for the off-season is just as easy. Your customers are going to love the extra comfort and convenience the Paravento provides.

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