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Commercial Heavyduty I2000

Flexible all-rounder for any application.

The I/K 2000 is the tried-and-tested, classic cassette awning – as an I 2000 without back-plate for level building facades, as the K 2000 with back-plate for uneven bases. The sturdy Weinor Awning with its support pipes can be used almost anywhere. As the decor on the front rail and the end caps suggest, the I/K 2000 tends towards a more traditional design.


The N 2000 is an awning designed especially for recessed niche fixing. With it’s unique flat front rail the awning disappears almost completely into the facade – with simple straight lines it is designed for a specific need.

This I2000 Cassette Awning is probably the best, strongest and most versatile Awning in the world.  As we all know, German engineering is second to none. This Awning features a central carrier bar which supports the top and bottom coverboard brackets as well as the roller supports and the top quality drop-forged arm casting components. This method of construction allows the installation of as many fixing brackets as may be felt necessary across the width of the awning. For this reason, because of this awning's inherent strength, it is our preferred choice of system for commercial installations, particularly suitable for shopfronts, but also for pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants looking to create an Al Fresco dining area or smoking shelter solution.

The I2000 is also our most popular awning for domestic use where discerning customers are looking for quality and long-life reliability from a fully guaranteed patio awning system. The components, the fabric and the 220v RTS motor, or gearbox with detachable winding handle, depending on your preference, all carry a 2 - 5 year conditional warranty, and the spring arm connection chain carries a ten year warranty. Generally, when installed to a flat wall, the wall forms the back of the cassette box. However, where we install to the underside of a roof eave, or, for example, mounted above the roof line on gallows brackets, we use a clip-on backboard section to form a fully contained cassette so that none of the components are visible when the Awning is retracted (K2000 option).

If you are looking for a top quality reliable, but also simple, no-frills Awning system, either to extend your living area and provide domestic sun protection, or maybe to carry your corporate logo and message, then this is definitely the right one to choose.


  • Max dimensions = 12metres width x 4metres projection

  • Intelligent chain arm system is Guaranteed for 10 years

  • 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to choose from

  • Matching Awning accessories available, such as Windbreak Side Screens, Lighting & Heating

  • Internal brush facility - cleans the fabric whilst it retracts and keeps it protected

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