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Classic Drop Arm System

The Drop-Arm Awning is another timeless winner.  Think of this Awning as a more modern and slimline aluminium version of the Traditional Shop Blind. When you find yourself limited for fixing position options, end-fix only brackets support the same 70mm roller tube used in the Arezzo Foldaway Awning, allowing a good range of widths available, and the Drop Arm also uses the same slim but robust front profile, however the fixed projecting arms are hinged to the wall at the base of the vertical plane, and any amount of these can be used to support the width of the front rail.


Because the arm fixing point is significantly lower therefore than the roller fixing height, this means that the Awning is triangulated against the wall, or shopfront, thus offering it a greater degree of stability when it comes to wind loading.

For sheer versatility, the Drop-Arm Awning is practical, simple, and most attractive.


  • Metalwork in any RAL colour of your choice

  • Any Para fabric colour of your choice (from our range)

  • Increase level of shade as you extend the Awning out

  • Weinor's Aruba model is beautiful

  • Radio Control optional

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