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Café Barriers / Pavement Banners

Perfect for defining outside spaces at Cafes, Bars and Restaurants.

Café Barrier / Promotional Banners are an easily transportable product especially designed for outdoor use. It can be used to define outside space, while helping to provide shelter from breezy weather conditions.


We can ensure the barriers are fully branded with logos printed onto the fabric, for additional advertising and corporate themes.

There is no need for permanent fixtures and typically require no planning permission. The barrier can be coupled at 0 – 90 degrees, is easy to use and is extremely hard wearing. It can also be linked together to create the perfect barrier in almost any shape.


  • Enclose your outdoor space, create extra shelter

  • Banners up to 2.5m wide x 1.2m high

  • Stainless steel barrier posts and horizontal crossbeams with bungee cords

  • Have your company logo printed on one or both sides

  • Perforated PVC mesh fabric also available for additional stability

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