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Blackout Blinds Bristol

With its precision-engineered side rails and aluminium cassette, the highly innovative roller blind system provides a level of darkness unlike any other. The superb quality blackout fabric makes it perfect for creating an environment in your home that is comfortable and dark all at once.

If you're after 100% light exclusion and blackout, then a cassette roller blind is the perfect solution for bedrooms, dark rooms, cinema rooms or any environment where complete darkness is necessary. The advantages of housing your roller blind in this way are two-fold: it offers an extra layer of insulation against external temperatures as well as provides protection to ensure that the fabric behind lasts longer - essential if you want to keep out unwanted sun rays and heat loss!

Blackout Cassette 1.jpg

Primarily, the head box grants a sleek and eye-catching wrapper for your blind's fabrics and components. Moreover, it can be powder coated to flawlessly mirror the window frames' finishings so that when you raise up the blinds they become virtually unseen. Additionally, this is especially suitable for windows in schools, hospitals or commercial settings due to its practicality.

If you're in Bristol and looking for Blackout Blinds that provide total blackout, then look no further. At Artistic Blinds we offer a huge range of blackout roller blinds with side channels to ensure full light exclusion. Whether you are after something simple or more intricate, we can find the perfect cassette blackout blinds for your home or workplace – all backed by our 5-year guarantee! Contact our customer service today to book an appointment.


Our expert advisors are ready to help you choose the right Blackout Blind for your needs.

We take pride in offering quality blackout blinds from leading brands such as Velux, Silent Gliss, Luxaflex and Somfy at competitive prices along with a first-class installation service. Trust us to help you control the light in your home or office.


Get in touch and see why blackout roller blinds are one of our most popular products!

Control Options

Our roller blinds come with an array of control options for a tailored fit. Choose from our standard chain, spring rollers, removable rods and even electronic blinds to make your home safe for families with young children. Perfectly suited for those who have difficulty reaching their windows, these controls allow you to personalize your window treatments effortlessly!

Blackout Blinds at a glance:

  • With manual cranking or electric remote control, you have the option to move your items with ease.

  • Choose from a rainbow of colours to find the perfect blackout fabric for your space!

  • This product guarantees 100% complete darkness when used.

  • Not only can this be used in roof light windows, but it's ideal for them too!

  • Whether your application requires a small or large model, you'll find the perfect fit with our extensive selection of options.

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Made-to-Measure Blackout Blinds

To guarantee the accuracy of our window measurements, we take extra care to evaluate each and every measurement as well as make sure there are no obstructions that will prevent your new blinds from fitting perfectly. We also have a flexible range of Blackout Blinds that offer a variety of control and motorisation options. With our comprehensive collection, you can be sure to find the ideal Blackout blind for your needs!


At Artistic Blinds Bristol, we provide Blackout Roller & Venetian Blinds of exceptional quality. That's why all our products come with up to 5 years guarantee. Get in touch today to book an appointment and take advantage of our free fitting service! We look forward to helping you achieve total darkness in your home or office.

How do I measure Blackout blinds? To ensure the perfect fit for your custom-made blinds, grab a pen, paper and metal tape measure so that you can easily record the width and length of your window.

Which blind types are Blackout? Our most sought-after product is Blackout Roller Blinds, although we also offer a modern interpretation of them in the form of Double Roller and Day Night Blinds that provide two layers of fabric for adjustable light filtering - which has been incredibly well-received. In addition to this, our selection includes Blackout Vertical Blinds with a myriad of colours for you to choose from. For those seeking a bit more privacy, upgrade your Roman blinds by investing in blackout lining!

How do Blackout blinds work? Our blackout blinds are expertly crafted to ensure no light passes through the fabric, making them perfect for blocking out any ambient glow. To guarantee a snug fit with maximum coverage, we strongly advocate our made-to-measure service and fitting guide that will make sure all of your window's edges remain dark.

How to fit Blackout blinds? Our Blackout blinds are supplied with all the essential mounting brackets and step-by-step assembly instructions. Installing them is simple: attach the wall mountings using your desired method, click in the shade into its bracket, and then secure it to the wall structure with a safety device. If you're uncertain of how to proceed, simply refer to our fitting video for guidance!

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