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Belvedere Cantilever



Belvedere is probably the quickest parasol in the world. Thanks to the smart Easy-Flap-Technology, its canopy opens within seconds! Beautifully shaped components made of high grade aluminium provide the extravagant cantilever with a distinctive and unique look.


An impressive unicum that will attract impressed and surprised looks again and again.

The Belvedere now presents itself sensationally with it's unparalleled folding technique. When closed, it is upright and space saving, like a middle mast shade. With the smooth running lever, the shade can be opened easily with one single arm movement. Thereby the shade roof moves to the side and the area below the shade can then be used to it's full optimisation. This easy-flap technology functions on a wear-free basis, which makes the Belvedere a summer companion in your garden for many years to come. The Belvedere is well suited to the addition of a wind roof, and when fitted with a Summertime lighting system, this umbrella simply turns night into day. The easy-flap mechanism is probably the most refined method of operation on the market today. Simply push the large handy lever down and the roof of this Caravita sunshade stretches out above you. Unbeatably quick and operated with the minimum expenditure of energy, this beautiful garden umbrella is available up to 4 meters across, with all the usual choice of colours and range of accessories.


  • Square shape - min 2.5x2.5m - max 3x3m

  • Octagonal - min 3.5m round - max 4m round

  • Wide range of RAL frame and fabric colours to choose from

  • Large range of ground bases

  • Easy-Flap Opening Technology

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