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Amalfi DUO 1

Double Amalfi = Double Shade with Amalfi DUO 1.

The mast of Amalfi DUO 1 carries two canopies and is positioned centrally.


Combine the versatility of a timeless cantilever with the robustness of a large shade. Both canopies can be opened independently of each other with two auto locking winches.

Amalfi DUO 2

With its two canopies the double parasol Amalfi DUO 2 provides up to 24 m² of shade. The mast is positioned at the side, leaving plenty of space for tables and chairs. The solid mechanism works with an autolocking winch with a Ø 4 mm stainless steel cable. With the removable crank handle both canopies can be opened separately, according to your needs.
Square, rectangular or octagonal canopies can be attached to the double mast with a bajonet mount, depending on the clients needs.

Amalfi Quadro

Big and bold, the quadruple arms of parasol Amalfi Quadro combine four independent cantilever shades all anchored by one robust mast, perfect for shading large areas and making a big statement.

The four canopies are affixed to each horizontal arm with a bayonet mount and can be opened independently of each other with four autolocking winches.


  • Please contact us to discuss dimensions requirements

  • Strong aluminium frame

  • Integrated levelling function

  • Wide range of RAL frame colours and fabric choices

  • Selection of suitable ground bases or wall mounting

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