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Accessories & Sensors

Ensure your Electric Awning is supplied with an additional Automatic Sensor, to suit your needs, for complete peace of mind.


An Automatic Sensor will automatically extend or retract the Awning in your absence, ensuring there is no hazard should there be any unforeseen adverse weather conditions or such like.


Options available for Sensors are:


For Somfy Motors:
Traditional Anenometer Wind Detectors (retract after certain set wind speed).

Soliris Sun & Wind Detector (extend in sunshine and retract at certain set wind speed).

RECOMMENDED: Eolis Vibration Sensor - automatically retract when any significant cause of vibration is detected in the front rail.  This will ensure retraction in cases of heavy wind, rain, snowfall, vandalism, or anything landing on the Awning - e.g. birds or objects from above.

For Weinor Awnings:
BiSens SWR 230V (Sun-Wind-Rain-Sensor)
BiSens SW Solar (Sun-Wind-Sensor with solar cell)
BiSens SW 230V (Sun-Wind-Sensor)


  • With or without power supply: Depending on the requirements the Sensors are powered by a solar cell or via 230V power supply

  • The sun-mode of the BiConnect sensor is activated or deactivated using the remote control

  • Peace of mind in adverse weather conditions.

  • Decide what wind speed setting you require.

  • Add luxurious lighting or heating to your outdoor area.

  • Somfy parts supplied with 5 year product guarantee.

  • Speak to a member of our team for more information.

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