A Fantastic Refurbishment for George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations on Channel 4

We’re proud to share our recent accomplishment on George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations, airing live on Channel 4 in the coming months. Our expertise was put to the test when we took on the task of refurbishing a traditional timber box Victorian awning attached to a historic property featured on the show.

The Task

Our mission was to breathe life into an awning that had seen better days. Time and weather had taken their toll, leaving the awning in desperate need of expert care. We knew this wouldn’t be an easy job, but we were confident that our skilled team could handle it. After all, we don’t just refurbish awnings for a living; we do it with genuine enthusiasm and dedication.

Taking Action

Our team visited the site to assess the awning and take precise measurements. They then carefully removed the awning, taking it back to our factory. We know that when it comes to refurbishing an awning, a thorough and meticulous approach is required.

Back in our workshop, we began the task of making a new, top-quality fabric cover. This job isn’t easy. It needs a good eye, steady hands, and a lot of knowledge about the materials we’re using. We’re happy to say that our team has these skills and more. Using the best acrylic cloth, we made a cover that kept the old charm of the awning while also making sure it could stand up to the weather.

Breathing New Life into the Old

While we were busy creating the new fabric cover, we didn’t overlook the awning’s frame. A thorough examination revealed areas that needed attention, and we set about making the crucial repairs to ensure the frame would continue to stand strong and steady for many more years. Any old or faulty hardware didn’t escape our notice – we replaced them to guarantee that the awning was not just visually appealing but functional too.

Returning the Awning to its Home

Once the refurbishment was complete, the moment arrived to reintroduce the awning to its rightful place. Our team made their way back to the property and fitted the new fabric cover on-site, ensuring the finished awning looked as splendid as it did in its glory days.


The project resulted in a beautifully restored traditional timber box Victorian awning. It was a real joy to see it fitting so perfectly with the aesthetics of the renovated property, standing proud as a symbol of past elegance and modern craftsmanship. For us at Artistic Blinds & Awnings, this project was a fantastic journey. We can’t wait to take on the next challenge and help more traditional awnings make a remarkable comeback.

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