The Weinor Niche awning is a very clever system that was designed by Eric Marsh of Nickells Sunblinds over twenty years ago and is now offered by Weinor as standard. As an aesthetic design requirement to finish the front profile of a retractable shop blind flush with the shopfront and fascia sign, this awning has been designed to be integrated within a recessed timber box that is pre-constructed as a structural part of the shopfront. Generally, the Shopfitting Company, at the time of installing a new shopfront, will construct this timber box to specific and critical dimensions as provided by our technical setting-out details, ensuring that it has adequate strength for the purpose and is accurate to our detail. Following completion of the blind box, we will assemble the Niche awning to the specific dimensions and install it on site securely into the box. The Niche awning uses exactly the same high quality working components that comprise the I 2000 cassette system, without the top and bottom profiles, but the main and critical difference being that the front profile, which can be powdercoated to any RAL colour, is completely flat instead of being rounded. This means that when the awning is retracted, the front profile blends in as an integral part of the shopfront, with the whole of the awning mechanism completely hidden from view. Available gear or electrically operated at up to 7000mm wide and up to most of the width of the pavement in front of the shop, barring  lamp-posts, road signs or other obstructions. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Good quality lasts forever.

N2000 A

Weinor Niche Shop Blind Awnings close off the traditional shop blind box with a flat front profile that enables a transformation from the pull-out, spring-operated roller blind system to a gearbox or electrically operated system, utilising the Weinor-quality spring arm mechanism, whilst retaining traditional High Street aesthetics.

N2000 B

The Niche front profile can prove equally at home in the domestic environment, as demonstrated here gracing the facade of this architecturally designed residence. When extended, the Niche front profile provides a great degree of stability. When retracted, the whole awning system becomes virtually invisible.

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