Our standard Dutch Blinds, which can be either fixed or retractable, are manufactured from a purpose-designed rigid aluminium extrusion that has a channel at the front into which is inserted a PVC fillet to which the fabric is attached with staples. Cast metal finger hinges and corner units enable us to construct modular units to a maximum width of six meters, although individual units can easily be butted together to give the overall appearance of one long canopy. One important factor to consider when determining the projection of a retractable Dutch Blind is the fixing height. Because they are constructed as a quadrant, similar to a pram hood, should you require a two meter headway underneath the bottom frame of a Dutch Blind with a projection of one meter, then the fixing point must be three meters from the ground. This will very often restrict the projection of these extremely attractive canopies, however it also often means that they can be significantly more stable than a folding arm awning in adverse weather conditions. Because of this good level of framework stability, Dutch Blinds not only provide extremely good sun and rain protection to both the inside and outside elements of a shopfront, but also provide an outstanding and eyecatching advertising medium as the perfect background for your logo and corporate signage, being practical for year round use in all but the stormiest of weather conditions. The method of retraction, when required, is normally by way of a simple manual cord, pulley and cleat system, however, the simplicity of our standard Dutch Blind is another of it's beauties, making it remarkably cost-effective and affordable.



These four retractable Dutch Blinds installed perfectly on this three-faceted corner shop are an ideal example of how well these cost-effective sun protection canopies can promote your business and successfully project you image. Finished in Para 416 blue acrylic fabric with two-colour logos applied by hand.


These three Dutch Blinds are non-retractable, enabling them to be constructed so that the projection is greater than the height. The five aluminium frames are fixed in position with aluminium stays, all powdercoated in black, and then covered in our Teflon coated Para acrylic fabric with a logo applied to each one in white.

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