Our Carousel Canopies are constructed using the same anodised aluminium extrusion that we use for our standard retractable Dutch Blinds, the difference being that instead of straight lateral rails and right-angle corner units, we run the extrusion through a bending machine to create a perfect semi-circle, and link these together to form the ribs of the retractable canopy. As a semi-circle, therefore, a canopy with a width of 2000mm , for example, will have a projection of 1000mm, being exactly half of the width, as in the definition of Carousel, i.e. Round or Circular. It is possible to extend the width and reduce the projection, whereby we end up with an elipse, otherwise known as an Eyelid Canopy. We can also produce just the back and front rail of the Carousel Canopy and insert the intermediate frames in the vertical plane rather than horizontal, achieving another variation known as the Dutch Cap. This version becomes a fixed, non-retractable canopy, and can look equally attractive finished in supported PVC fabric, Wet-Look PVC, or the somewhat more classy Para acrylic. Add to the front edge either a straight or scalloped valance, apply some signwriting, such as your logo, name or telephone number, and you have the perfect entrance canopy, providing shelter for your guests as they are greeted at your front door. We'll take care of the technicalities. All you need to decide is the colour.



Here is a perfect example of a Carousel Canopy providing excellent shelter over the front entrance of a hotel. Most importantly, the name of the hotel has been applied to the valance of the canopy, in this instance in gold leaf, therefore welcoming guests to the hotel as well as affording them the perfect cover under which to collapse their umbrellas.


Carousel Canopies can also provide excellent sun protection for windows and doors in a residential application, as well as adding an attractive degree of decor to the building and a splash of colour to your world. Shown here finished in one of Arquati's exclusive range of acrylic fabrics manufactured specially by Para Fabrics of Italy for their unique collection.

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