15mm MICRO

15mm MICRO

15mm MICRO

The 15mm Micro Venetian Blind is a simple adaptation of the standard 25mm system that we manufacture using the Turnils roulette system and componentry. The head and bottom rails used are the same, as are all of the components with the exception of the ladder braid, which is designed to support the very fine and lightweight 15mm slats. When this slat is formed from flat into profiled, the curve created is absolutely minimal, which means that when the blind is set to it's open position, the slats are virtually invisible. The effect of this is simply stunning, and set into the right sort of environment there is no substitute for this beautiful work of art. The Microblind does have it's disadvantages however. So many more slats are required to make up the drop of the blind that this makes the Micro Venetian relatively expensive, and the 15mm slats are so fine and delicate that they are quite easy to bend, particularly at the ends, and more often than not when cleaning with a feather duster. Although this is the recommended method of regularly cleaning all Venetian Blinds, great care must be taken with the Micro so as not to cause damage to the slats, as they can never be properly straightened afterwards. However, in the right situation, such as a private studio or a showpiece window, or even an art gallery, these beautiful Microblinds really can look absolutely fantastic.

15mm MICRO 1

These Micro Venetian Blinds are shown here finished in a woodgrain effect, demonstrating their particular suitability to a much smaller size of window. In this designer environment, the Micro Blinds are shown off to their full effect as a backdrop to the real wood ornaments.

15mm MICRO 2

In this example we see a Micro Blind finished in a stunning bright yellow colour installed to full effect within the recess of another relatively small window, but in this instance, creating a relatively large impact. Why not - be bold - be brave - add a splash of colour to your world.

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