The 127mm Vertical Blind System is  by far our most popular choice of slat width. We manufacture Vertical Blinds using the Louvolite slimline headrail system, which is available in either silver, brown or white. The traveller hooks which run along the inside of the track are available in two widths, 127mm and 89mm, and the Louvolite system uses travellers that are self-aligning as well as being fitted with wheels, making this high-quality system the perfect choice for both domestic and commercial use alike. To the traveller hooks we then hang the fabric slats, the colour of which can be selected from an enormous range of fabrics available. We offer fabrics from Eclipse, Louvolite, Faber, Vertika, Mermet and Dutton & Gavin, to name but a few. The bottom weights are inserted into pockets, some of which are sewn and some are glued, depending on the type of fabric selected, and the slats are then linked together with stabilising chains. The reason behind the popularity of the wider slat system is two fold. Firstly, when installing a 127mm Vertical Blind into a standard window recess, the wider slat system uses less slats to cover the width of the window. This means that when the slats are drawn to the side they take up less space than the narrower slats. This can prove quite important on larger width windows. And secondly, because the 127mm Vertical Blind uses less slats, this means that it also costs less, making it therefore the perfect choice for larger windows, such as conservatories and patio doors.


127mm SYSTEMS 1

An example of a 127mm Vertical Blind system installed into a patio door recess where the Carnival Plum fabric, selected from the Louvolite collection because of it's richness in colour, creates a feeling of real luxury.

127mm SYSTEMS 2

Here we see the wider slat Vertical Blind used to dramatic effect in the lightly patterned Retro Bisque fabric. Many of Louvolite's Vertical Blind fabrics are machine washable to look good for many years to come.

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